Personal Enjoyment

8月 26, 2019 未分类

Personal Enjoyment

Whenever today is ,what I believe is that the real motivation which put on the science and technology go in is our person Personal Enjoyment.Just like the word Do things we like to do rather than do things we should do.
Nowadays,what we care more is the result but not the route.In this way,wo lose the meaning to do something.Study have mean to get ourselves accustomed to our study habbit and find our own way to study the most effective and have fun of learning new acknowledge.But now what happened?Sometimes we study hard only for a admiring degree or a high payed job.But is it ture that we study only for these things?The awnser is faulse.We study to be a bette person,ackwnoledge how the world works.There is no ending of study ,only the ending of interest of study.
In addition,studying without interest is a waste of time.You can’t take the use of your time to study completely.So do not always think about study is what you should do.In fact,it’s what you should get to be interested to.Only in this way ,you could be happy and study efficiently.
All in all,when you do what you like to do ,you could really do it well and enjoy yourself at the same time.




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